Our Process

Over the years we’ve created and implemented a highly detailed system our team uses to make sure our bathroom renovations run as smoothly as possible, eliminating stress for our clients. Our extensive in-house developed checklist is used by our team on a daily basis ensuring projects run on time and eliminating the usual issues associated with the bathroom renovation process. On the odd occasion even we’re faced with renovations hiccups, these are dealt with immediately, without impacting your job.


Contact our office or email us at ask(@)voguebathrooms.com.au to request an appointment.


We’ll call you on the day of the appointment to confirm your consultation. Adrian or Daniel will come to your place (on time) and speak to you about your requirements, give you advice on colours, style, design and layout. If your plans aren’t quite defined, this initial conversation is your chance to hear what an experienced pro recommends for your renovation. He’ll also take plenty of notes and measurements of your space.


When convenient, visit our selection centre. Based on what you wish to achieve with your bathroom renovation, Adrian or Daniel will help you bring your ideas to life, his experience informing design decisions when selecting your inclusions and colours. Here you can relax, have a coffee, take your time and be inspired by more pictures of previous bathroom renovations our team has done.


We’ll aim to complete your quote in 48 hours. Along with your bid, we’ll also provide a comprehensive description of what’s involved in your bathroom renovation project, outlining in great detail all the works to be undertaken by our people. This way we can avoid confusion during your renovations construction phase.


We meet again to sign a HIA contract. The contract has the start/finish dates of your bathroom renovation, with customer compensation if we don’t finish by the date. We then order all your goods, from toilet to fixtures. As they arrive from our suppliers they are checked and stored in our Canberra warehouse in your allocated bay. When needed they’re delivered to your home.


A week before your bathroom renovation begins Adrian or Daniel comes over again to do a “check measure”, confirming specifics from the previous meeting. Things like the bathroom layout and finer renovations design details like the height of the shaving cabinet. Where you’d like your recess box positioned in the shower. Where you want your towel rail positioned relative to the toilet Where you’d like the bathroom downlights located? Where’s the skip bin going? Your bathroom renovation normally begins on a Monday. Adrian or Daniel will arrive (on time) with our subcontractors and introduce you to the team. He’ll bring an updated, highly detailed description of works, and a plan of your design layout that will remain on site for the duration of the works. At particular stages of bathroom renovations our team performs our quality control checks, and you’ll be updated on a daily basis on the progress until your bathroom renovation is finished.

Vogue Bathrooms — We’re Specialists

We specialise in bathroom renovations, not kitchen and laundry projects. We’re fortunate enough to be able to choose the types of bathroom renovations we take on.

For new clients we’re always happy to not only show you more local Canberra testimonials but also take you to several bathroom renovations our team has completed.

This way you can see the quality of our renovations work first hand and speak to owners about their experience with Vogue Bathrooms. After all, any project can look good on pictures!

Still reading? You probably have a question or two. Why not contact Adrian or Daniel on (04) 2144 7881 for an obligation-free quote and renovations tips?